Any Designers from Chicago here?

I just got this idea to start a fb group for folks in Chicago working in and around design. I don’t think I know many designers and for most of my time working in this space, have even sort of avoided it. That’s too bad because I have a lot to learn.

It must be moving over from Windows to Mac boosting my confidence as a designer ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭ ̀ˋ

I want to build or find a community out here, not just focused on UX but the design space more generally, and hopefully as much as it can be managed, not limited to ‘design in tech’

IXDA isn’t really that active here. UXPA ain’t either.

For now it’s a fb group, since that’s a pretty low bar to entry to see what the response is like. If you live in Chicago, consider joining.

Apologies if this is against some forum rule :pleading_face:

Rather than start from scratch, have you considered joining local ux design meetups, seems like there are plenty going on in Chicago Find your people | Meetup

I’ve recently attended a few local meetups and have learnt loads and brought in new ways of thinking into my company. Great to network and bounce ideas around, especially as the sole ux designer at my co.


Yeaaaah, I have. I still go to meetups when I can make em. But one-off meetups don’t really mesh well with the way some personality types and oddball characters out there, ahem, meet folks best.

Not to mention, they’re event and topic focused which can be choppy and discontinuous. And this all feels like the primary way I’ve experienced the local design community.

But we’ll see, this Macbook is really turnin’ things around. Maybe I’ll find where they all hang out, or my expectations will change in the process.

Also, thanks for the reminder that I haven’t yet joined ALL the groups hahah. I haven’t looked for new ones in awhile.