Another set of folks to welcome



It’s me again folks, with the current installment of new members of the community. Please give them a big howdy! A regular hello works, too. :wink:

@andrew_schadendorff has been front end developer for the last ten or so years and have recently started moving into a more UX focused role at work. In fact, they put him through the UX Immersive at GA in Melbourne, which he loved. He’s joined us so that he can learn other people’s thoughts and opinions and also to join our conversations. He enjoys in person meetups but believes he can find discussions with a different amount of depth around here.

@muditbhutani is new to the field of UX and is in the process of brushing up on his skills and knowledge. He feels that he’s good to go with the UI side of things, but he’s looking for more of the UX side. He came to us looking for new resources and a community to connect with.

@julia_krayevska comes to us from Slovakia. She found us when she was Googling about mentoring and feedback on UI / UX design works. She has a master’s in marketing and has worked in that field doing analytics. She’s decided to focus on UX because life is too short to do things that you don’t enjoy. She’s in a learning phase; trying to apply some gained knowledge on practice. She’s also working on her first portfolio!

@lykc is a UX consultant in the UK. He’s been working in UI and UX for a few years. He’s here looking to “level up,” build a network, share his knowledge, and help others while developing himself. His primary interest right now is UX research. He’s joined our Slack mentoring channel and is ready to go over there!

@lesley works for an in-app qualitative analytics company and she says that UX is huge over there! She came here looking for a community with other people who are interested in UX, especially in the mobile realm). She says that her company is on a strong UX trajectory because their entire platform revolves around the UX/UI of apps and how their analytics will improve those areas.

@joaopraca joins us from Portugal. He says that he’s still new to the UX world. So new in fact, that he just started learning last week! He’s overwhelmed by the amount of information out there to learn. Throughout his career, he always wondered why many companies don’t apply UX design processes and voila! Here he is.

PS – If you’d like to join the mentoring efforts on Slack, head over to and join the #mentorship channel. 


Thanks @Piper_Wilson – I love reading these.

That’s awesome! Sounds like a great org to be working for. @andrew_schadendorff Welcome. :slight_smile:

Yay! Have you found what you need @muditbhutani

Oooh! That kind of knowledge will come in handy @julia_krayevska – you may find me tagging you in to a few convos. :wink:

I’ve been really enjoying your contributions thanks @lykc

Cool! Can you share what the app is @lesley?

Heh, tell me about it. Did you find that you were directed fairly clearly when you got here @joaopraca or was it still a bit confusing and hard to find what you needed?


Welcome everyone!! :grinning:


Thank you for the welcome @Piper_Wilson :grinning:


Hi @HAWK. I did get some direction from the resources page and have been actively following the slack community for regular updates :smiley:


Welcome to all new members :smiley:


thanks @Piper_Wilson & @HAWK for the welcome and for your continual contribution to the site. It’s a great community to be part of :+1:


Thank you, @Piper_Wilson and @HAWK ! So excited to be member of this community :blush:


Aw. Topics like this make my job worthwhile.


Thanks for the introduction @Piper_Wilson and the warm welcome to the community.

I’d love to be involved in the Slack channel, am I able to get an invitation? :smile:


Thanks for the kind welcome, @HAWK


Welcome everyone! Ask questions! Be yourself! We’re a good group :slight_smile:


So much this. Good call Anne. :slight_smile: