Another request for portfolio feedback



Hey community… here’s another request for portfolio feed back, and resume feedback (the resume is on the site). I’m moving from such an unrelated field, and my visual design skills are pretty crappy, so I’m hoping more of my soft skills will shine through… would love suggestions on how to make this better. Again, thanks to this awesome group of UX’ers and future UX’ers.


Hey Chris,
Here are a few observations.

  • I love love love the About Me section. Brilliant. It ends a bit abruptly though. I was waiting for it to pertain to UX and where you are now.
  • You don’t have a favicon
  • There is very little info on your contact page, but it’s still half below the fold. I’d get rid of some whitespace and format this data a bit. It feels like an afterthought.
  • Your case studies are solid, but they lack annotation. I want to read about your process and why you made the choices that you did. I’d also like to be able to enlarge the images. If you could make them more like your personal story I think you’d be on to a winner.
  • You did some cool TV stuff. I bet working on those shows was hilarious!


@HAWK thank you! thank you! this is so helpful!! working on version 2 right now…


opps, thought I was done with V2, but, just got a bunch of notes, so hold off looking at it again for a day or 2…