Another assignment to complete for a job interview



I passed the 1st interview… :pray: now I was given a challenge to resolve. :dizzy_face:


A- Starting from the base defined in a set of functional wireframes (I was given a zip file with 3 wireframes), I have to come up with the visual proposal of a standard payment flow for android.

The process has 3 steps: (corresponding to the 3 wireframes)

  1. generate new payment.
  2. insert amount.
  3. congratulations.

B- Design the landing page for the app, they gave me the copy in a pdf file with the text, product images and brand manual information.

Deliverables: Graphical pieces that meet the requirements with specifications of behaviors and states if

The exercise says “visual proposal” which makes me think I have to create the visual design and also create a screen flow. I have the feeling they are testing my UI / visual design skills?

It’s pretty clear but I want to use the best UX method / approach to resolve this to show them my skills the best way possible.

I’m not sure when it says “with specifications of behaviors and states if necessary” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Can you ask them for clarification or have they sent you into the wild on your own?


This is exactly why these types of exercises need to stop. They don’t do anything to test useful UX skills. You are given no research, and you’re not asked to do any on your own. You have no communications with stakeholders, and no way to define design requirements.

This is visual design work, not UX work.

While it’s possible to make some assumptions about how to construct the page given UX best practices, that’s not what they’re asking you to do here. It seems like they are asking for a near-finalized visual design that shows the workflow through the landing and payment processing steps, but even that isn’t clear.

If It were up to me, that’s what I’d deliver unless I could clarify more.

It’s worth noting that there are a lot of red flags here that indicate the company doesn’t know what they’re looking for from a UX designer. It may be worth asking what they expect the day to day life of the job to look like for you so that you know what you’re getting yourself in to.


Yeah, I’m assuming it’s the fact the company doesn’t have the roles defined?. It’s UI / UX together… still I don’t think it’s the best approach to hire someone for UX and give them the wireframes and that’s all… no requirements at all? no research… no nothing.

I’m surprised cause they are known for having a very solid UX team, and it shows cause they have a specific page for UX in their website and there are several designers. They have articles on medium as well… I don’t know.


Very likely the exercises were designed by hiring managers or HR folk who are not fully involved in the UX process. It’s definitely possible to have a great UX team and a poor UX interview process.

How’s the exercise coming?


I’m seeing a lot of jobs now where UX seems to be thrown in as a buzzword with no real understanding of how it differs to design.


Today I had the interview, and I overall I think I did “well”.

They provided the wireframes, and I assumed those wireframes were the result of user research, and the ideation phase. But they weren’t… they expected me to propose ux improvements to those wireframes and inquire them about that… It made sense cause there was a step missing and it was obvious, my bad!

The positive side is that they liked what I did, they thought my UI skills are good, and the visual design was proper and very good. Here’s the landing page I created:

They kind of gave me another chance because when we were in the interview, I told them I would have made some additions… and I started enumerating them, so it looks like they have faith in me and asked me to do another interation and present it again next week.

Well see, I’ll keep you guys posted :stuck_out_tongue:

There was one thing that I learned from this interview. The UX guy suggested me to ALWAYS think outside the box and propose. Don’t be afraid if I would do things differently, and suggest anyways even if looks like the assignment is fixed and final…