Animation, motion sickness and other accessiblity issues

Does anyone know any good sources of information about animation and accessibility relating to motion sickness, vestibular issues and other related issues? I don’t have any experience in this area and now need to get knoledgable.

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Maybe you can subscribe to the WebAim email list and seek help there?

https:// webaim. org/ discussion/

Hey, @rachelreveley WebAIM is a good resource for accessibility. I’m not sure about the context in which you need info, but I found some tutorials on the W3C website. These are somewhat specific to certain use cases. For example, here’s one related to carousels and the accessibility considerations for them.

In case you are interested in accessibility in general, I recommend the Interaction Design Foundation’s dedicated course on Accessibility, taught by Frank Spillers: Accessibility: How to Design for All

Hope this helps, and best wishes :slight_smile: