And winner of the best ever username is:


dramapig! Love it. Welcome on board dramapig.

There is a man behind that name, and that man is Mike. He started his professional life as a musical theatre performer, comedic actor and opera singer before transitioning into the very unrelated field of investment banking! Now looking to meld his creative skills and business acumen with UX principles has brought dramapig our way.

Say hi!


bahahahahahahaha that’s so cool!

Welcome dramapig! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reception guys. I have spent sooooo long working for large banks on big integration projects that I have totally lost site of actual users. Really looking forward to getting some experience in the UX domain.


I’m curious to know how much time and energy large banks put into UX. Is it something that they invest in much?


Welcome, Mike. I expect your corporate experience will hold you in good stead when it comes to stakeholder negotiation and the like.

Would love to hear your [UX story](http://UX story) if you get a chance!