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@amberasarose has just completed a MicroMasters in UX Research and Design with UMichigan. She works in product management. She’s working on understanding how to better make a case for why upfront research into user needs is important, because her company tends to just make up the next project in the board room and then try to force it onto the users. She’s also trying to figure out how to create her portfolio from work she’s already done, and how to build it up with some side projects (paid or unpaid), just to get more experience.

@AnLev comes to us from Ukraine, Kyiv and recently completed the Coursera UI Design specialization. Currently, she’s working on two projects (yay!) but they’re unpaid (boo!). She’s always worked in IT, but far away from UX research or any kind of design. She doesn’t feel ready to branch out into UX on her own, so she’s looking for an intern position, but she says there isn’t much UX in Ukraine.

Here’s information about her projects in her own words.

  1. An online tool for the homeschoolers’ parents to find like-minded families and friends for their kids in the close neighborhood. The project is slightly more complicated than just marks on Google Maps, as families are not ready to share their addresses. You can take a look. It is a social project, it was my idea (I am mother of a preschooler) and I will never get paid for it.

  2. A startup in the field of precision agriculture by my husband. We made a set of sensors to monitor soil conditions and irrigation equipment parameters. The farm’s equipment is displayed on a map and critical information is continuously updated. Looks like this

@Caius1 started out as a Dev, then worked as a PM and has been working as a UXer for about 7 years. He contracted for a few years and now have a perm role again in retail. His skills are interaction design, information architecture and user research. He likes the UX role a lot. Especially being involved at the early stage. He likes shaping projects.


Hi @amberasarose (fellow Amber) @AnLev and @Caius1 !! It’s great to have you all in the community :slight_smile:


Welcome to the club, guys!!!


A warm and hearty welcome to you all @amberasarose, @AnLev and @Caius1. It’s great to have you here. :slight_smile: Any questions we can help you with, off the bat?


Wow, I’ve never heard of this. What is a MicroMasters @amberasarose?

Welcome @AnLev and @Caius1 – it’s great to have your combined experience here.


@amberasarose as I remember they promised an intern position after completing MicroMasters on Edx. Do they now?


I just want to say thank you! It’s been a while since I registered here and I see that the community has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The members and especially the administrators @Piper_Wilson and @HAWK are very responsive and supportive. So, just huge thanks from a newcomer here. :handshake:


Aw thanks! We really appreciate that. Makes it worthwhile.


Welcome everyone :slight_smile: