An impressive test


I was really impressed by this test by Cancer Chat UK. Feel free to take the test, they want as many responses as possible.
It was actually quite an enjoyable experience to take the test (if you are able to disregard the obvious emotional factors relating to the subject matter).


I liked the beginning instructions. It was a nice navigation test, which is a good way to test where people would go. It was quick and easy, the only comment I would have is that in some of them I didn’t want to click all the way down the levels, I would have preferred to chose one of the main nav options as I didn’t think it would necessarily go in any of the underlying pages. So maybe having an option where you can select a main nav or even add an option to the sub nav list if you really don’t think it fits with any of the options given.


I really like using Treejack for my testing activities! The results it produces are pretty amazing.