An example of a website with great design, explain why

Hi Everyone! :wave:

I’ve been asked to show an example of great design for a website and to explain why during my process of applying for a job.

What would you answer to it? A common famous website or a particular smaller one? Brainstorm with me what could be a good answer <3

Thanks for your help :pray:


Being strategic and “safe” I would personally choose a specialty or smaller website over a commonly used one. It’s really hard to get away from people’s biases on a popular site. I want to ensure I wouldn’t be running into blind bias from the interviewer, and instead focus on the best practices the site is using.

That being said, I’m also a bit of a contrarian and like questioning assumptions, I also use the interview to test the hiring company and potential team mates, so divisive sites work well for that. Like Facebook or Craigslist. If a “UX Designer” can’t see past Craigslist’s visual design for it’s usability and simplicity, that would be red flag for me. Critiquing failures of iOS usability is great too. If a hiring manager is blind to failures of a loved product/site, or the successes of a hated site, do you really want to do UX and/or design for them?

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Hey Claudia,
The first question you should ask yourself is why they are asking this question. Your potential employers are eager to learn about your analytical and discovery processes, as well as how your creative thinking will analyse this and make suggestions for changes… It’s all about figuring out how you think, so do your research, be yourself, and back up your claims. Remember, it’s not about your personal taste; it’s about the reasoning and observations that take you from one to the next, allowing you to determine why this website is so excellent. I hope this information is useful, and best of luck!