An ask for anyone who is in a position to hire UX designers (No, I'm not asking you to hire me)

Hey guys,

I’m conducting a small, personal project and would love to hear from anyone who is or has been in a position to hire UX designers at their company. No, I’m not asking you to hire me. I’m looking for opinions and experience in reviewing prospective employees’ UX portfolios. I’m currently a Jr. UX Designer at an ad agency in Downtown LA and I’m hoping I can get some contributions to this personal project of mine . I put together a 7 minute survey that you an access here:

Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes and for helping a small fish in the sea find her way around.


I did, I am against the portfolios, especially in the UX field
Anyway I’ve found your survey interesting :wink:


I am as well, but I wonder if our reasons intersect. What are your thoughts?

EDIT: By the way, I completed your survey. Cheers!

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I stopped to ask for a portfolio some years ago for two main reasons:

  • I realized that most of the time the screenshots showed in the portfolio were not in sync with the expertise of the candidate, in terms of process and tools
  • Very often the portfolio was showing the final output (pixel-perfect) and the entire design process was missing, so it was not adding any value to the selection phase, I was not able if the candidate was a UX and/or UI designer

At the moment I prefer to receive the CV and the cover letter. With the HR department, we agreed on sending a simple UX task the day before the interview. I found way more valuable this approach also because the candidate is more comfortable to start the interview with something that she/he already knows.

What about you?


I am not a recruiter but I am interested in the result.

Maybe consider presenting them later after the survey is done?


I am too! I’m a person not a catalogue to be shopped from!! Also everything I’ve ever done has been tightly protected which is why I started blogging 4 years ago and here we are :slight_smile:


I’m in the same position @AshleaMcKay - there is very little of my 7+ years of work that I can actually share.