AMP and re-design of an existing affiliate page



I’m a java developer on a specific casino-reviews website and we’d like to have an UX-community opinion on a few of our thoughts. For the client, we’ve been told to implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) extension. Now we have questions for a designer’s point of view. Do you think, that affiliate web could be built like a classic bloggy-like page? If no explain why, please… we’d like to avoid subjectivity in this thread. What is your opinion about changing the whole concept just for a purpose of AMP implementation? Does this UX-change have some effect on the audience due to some particular reasons?


Hey Marek,
I’m going to be honest – it looks like you’re trying to get some free UX work done here. If this is a client job I’d recommend that they pay a consultant.

Communities are based on social reciprocity so when someone signs up and immediately asks us for advice we feel a bit used. :wink:


I think you need to break your question up into more easy digestible discussions rather than asking us to just do a ux review on a page.
I’m not honestly feeling like spending my time on objectively explaining xyz after being asked 3 questions in one paragraph.