AMAZING prize draw – don't miss this one!


Hold onto your hats Gold Members, it’s an exciting month!

The What

Balsamiq have come to the party with an amazing prize – a license for Mockups 3 for Desktop, which is a tool that we LOVE at UX Mastery.

(If you’re a first time user or prefer the online tool, they’ll give you 3 months free.)

You can find out more about becoming a Gold Member here (and hurry – you have one week before the draw on Mon 19th!).

The Why

In short, because we love you! We want to do everything that we can to help and support you, and our Gold Members are particularly close to our hearts because of all they give back to us. There is a selfish motive as well, and that is to encourage the kind of behaviour that we want to see.

Check out the reasons why our last couple of winners scooped up their prizes:

@dougcollins puts time into every post he makes, supporting others and adding value to every topic he enters. Thanks Doug – we love you!

> This person has gone well above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to being an engaged, entertaining, helpful and all round amazing community member. That person is @SteveCrow


Thanks again, Hawk! I know you’ll pick someone equally or more awesome (which shouldn’t be hard in this community) for this month’s winner!