Am I asking the right questions for this UX research project?

Hi all, brand new to user research :grinning: If you can spare a few moments, I am looking for feedback on whether I am asking the right questions for my surveys/interviews. The project is based on designing a mobile app that that allows new graduates to search for design mentors, thank you so much! Below are the questions … Also, do I need follow-up questions for this interview style of research?

Users: New Graduates/Entry level designers searching for design mentors

Subject: Online design mentoring platform

Scope: Design a mobile app for new graduates to search for design mentors

Warm-up Questions [Build rapport. Start with easy questions to get to know the participant.]

  • Are you a new graduate or have less than 1+ year of experience?

  • What is the field that you are trying to enter?

  • Which apps or websites are you currently using to find a design mentor?

  • How long have you been searching for a design mentor? [What is the user experience of searching for an online design mentor?]
    Follow-up questions:

  • When did you start?

  • What goals do you need a mentor to help with?

  • How has your experience been?

  • Has it been difficult to find mentor?

  • How do you decide what to look for in a mentor? [Do users have certain prerequisites in mind?]
    Follow-up questions:

  • What is important for you when searching for a mentor?

  • You mentioned you are looking for a mentor, what time of day and where do you usually use digital products to search for a mentor? [Does participant have a weekly routine? Is it spontaneous?]
    Follow-up questions:
    Why do you choose to search for mentors during those certain times and locations/websites?

  • When was the last time you searched for a mentor? Could you explain how you use other online mentoring platforms? [How do users interact with existing tools.]
    Follow-up questions:

  • What do you like or dislike about the features within that platform and why?

  • Which features do you not use and why?

  • What is your wishlist for that platform?

  • Do you have frustrations about that platform, if so, what is your current workaround? [pain points]