All systems are go!


Hey all,
I’m back from my annual beach holiday and getting stuck back into work.

Who else is back on board?

Does 2015 have anything exciting in store? I’m looking forward to attending my first ever International IA Day event.


Welcome back!
I only had stat days off, but it still has been slow going getting back into the flow of work. I’m also looking forward to attending and helping out at the IA day event.
My first ever conference, so I’m super excited :). I’ve been really wanting to attend some of the ones in Aussie, but can never get time off (plus the cost of getting there).

Beach holiday sounds fun :).


I was, until the very last night when we were having an icecream at the beach and I leaned back and put my hand on a bee. I’m allergic. I now have a hand that looks like I’m wearing a boxing glove.



I had almost three weeks off and it was fantastic!

I’m attending and speaking at my first World IA Day event this year - so excited!

I’m moving to a different team on Monday which is a really positive thing - I’ve been in such a rut lately and need a refresh. PoC is done and my team has restacked itself so it’s time for my temporary assignment to end. It’s ok- I return to my old position which has moved to a centralized design area which is cool. I’m one of the few UXers :slight_smile:

This year I am starting a gradual transition to becoming a freelancer while still having a full time job. I have the chance to build something that is all mine and will one day replace my full time job :slight_smile:


I’m back, whad I miss?

Back from month in Sydney what a great time. Landed last Sat and straight into work Monday morning. Phew JetLag still lingering.

Hope ya’ll had a great holiday and all the best for 2015.

Have to share this pic from a Sydney Taxi, I counted 7 devices mounted to the cars dashboard. Talk about User Interface overload.!



Hi Paddy!

What did you get up to in Sydney?? :slight_smile:

Wow 7 is crazy- I think that’s the most I’ve ever seen in one taxi!


That has GOT to be a distraction while driving.
And it’s too late for this time, but next time you’re in Australia Paddy, I’d recommend using Uber, rather than taxis. Much cheaper and a better all round experience.


On an unrelated note, how is your RSI healing, Ash?


I’m out of physio! :slight_smile: I still have to do excercises and wear a brace at night but I think I’ve come through the worst of it :slight_smile:


Yeah great time in Sydney, mostly family stuff, catching up. Had some time up to coast on the beach which was fab. Yeah heard of Uber, must keep it in mind. P