All About You - Elevator pitch


Give me your “About me” elevator pitch!

Ok, I am not going to lie. I am hoping to ‘steal’ some ideas from some of you folk here. I’m getting ready for 2019 interviews when my 2018 contract ends. I recently read it’s good to word your “about yourself” part of interview like an elevator pitch 60-90 seconds and of course keep it on topic. I found this interesting because i tend to ramble :grin:
Some guidelines they gave were:

  1. Your past experience leading up to you applying for this job
  2. The skills you bring to the table
  3. Your passions regarding UX and the role in general

If you had to do the About Me part in an elevator ride’s time - what would it sound (read) like!?


heres my about me

my approach was to tell the story of how/why i ended up in UX and the skills i picked up along the way


@lykc your “about me” seems to be the best of what I’ve seen and I’ve been monitoring various portfolios for a while as I am in process of creating my own! Let me ask you - why did you protect your case studies with password? Is it a common practice among professionals?


thanks for the kind words, it does its job i feel. Like Ari mentioned, it should give potential recruiters an insight into who you are but at the same time without writing an essay!

If you work for an agency, a lot of the projects, usually the larger brands, will be under NDA. If so, it’s best to hide any potentially sensitive info from public to avoid any future problems. Happy to share the password if you want to have a look, just DM me


Nice! Have you used this in interviews when asked to talk about yourself?


Ah, I see!

Really, it is brief, neat, and compehensive!


yep, pretty much. At my recent interviews pretty much all of them asked some kind of variation of ‘tell me about yourself’. Your answer should be brief but at the same time have enough interesting things to create talking points. Follow their cues as to where to expand and talk more about.


That’s great. I will use yours as a model to base mine on! Thanks for sharing.


@lykc Hey Leo I’d love to see your portfolio pieces too, would you mind PMing me the key to view them?
Btw your about me page has helped me so much. One of the best ones I’ve seen. Thanks so much


I love this thread. :slight_smile:


I started my career in UX while homeless and working in a call center for Nordstrom’s Credit Card division. I saw an opportunity to make the internal UX better for our employees, built an idea using Notepad and IE between calls, and - after proving it could save the company millions in lost productivity - pitched the idea to our CEO, who liked it so much he promoted me so that I could implement it. I ended up leaving Nordstrom eventually and worked on hundreds of digital design projects over the next couple of years. Now I work as a UX Engineer for E*TRADE as the only UX/design professional on a mult-billion dollar project.

I’ve been successful because I’ve been able to empathize with users to create something practical, explain potential success and pitfalls to our business, and work on improving at least one part of my craft every day. I believe that UX can be a force for transparency and good in the world, and I work hard to create ethical, inclusive designs that are useful to - and usable by- all.


Wow what an intro! :smiley:


Great way to finish up. I also believe in the same thing!


It does a good job getting people’s attention. The story is likely to come out at some point during my interview, so it’s good to get it out of the way ASAP.