Affinity designer

Has anyone used Affinity Designer from Serif? It looks a bit TGTBT especially for only $40 dollars. There doesn’t appear to be a demo so wondered if I should take the plunge or hold on to my cash.

I used serif software back when I was doing my GCSE’s (over 10 years ago), we were able to buy the full suite at a discounted rate through school and was advertised as a cheaper alternative to adobe. It worked for what we needed but no idea if it’s any better now.

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I too remember Serif from a long time ago, I’m sure they used to do Shareware on a floppy disk and I would never have taken them seriously before but their new designer app looks surprisingly pro.

Have you found anywhere with reviews of the software? (not affiliated with them obviously! :slight_smile: )

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I was part of the U.S. Windows beta until recently, before they released it. And I just purchased it for the discounted rate of $40. Totally worth it. Its a vector graphics editor. Photo manipulation is done with their other product, Affinity Photo, which just recently went on sale as well.

I would look for more reviews. I am not a professional visual designer. Its been great for what I’ve needed.

I would highly recommend!



I had thought to get a UX perspective on it.

Free trial (Mac only):

Looks pretty awesome actually, clearly has been implemented with UX design as a core use case. I’d love to hear your review!


I am using Affinity Designer since June 2015. Since then all my illustration are done in AD. But I never used AD to design interface. As an illustration tool, I love it.