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Hi, guys. Need advice. I’m creating prototype for ecommerce site for paintball retailer. The client insists on placing huge banner (with sale or new arrivals) on the top of the page. I’m not designer, just learning, so don’t have knowledge or experience in it, but on my opinion banners are very outdated. Are they actually effective? Could you please advice, maybe i’m wrong. Or are there any articles about it? Tried to google it but didn’t find anything useful. Thanks so much :pray:

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The great thing about UX is that ends these philosophical design discussions with hard data.

So here’s the bad news: we can’t answer this question for you (though there are some good practices for banner and header creation.)

But here’s the good news: your users can answer this question for you.

The classic way to answer this question is with A/B testing, where you create two versions of the site (one with the header, and one without - everything else is the same) and see how they perform compared to each other.

Optimizely is the classic tool to use for this, and it’s worth checking out.


Thank you, Doug!
I was thinking about A/B testing as well, but hoped there are some statistics on it, like how effective banners are, % of users that click on it, and so on. Or best practices of using / not using it. But i guess it’s too general topic, right?
Thanks for the article - it’s great :+1:

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Banner ads can work, if they’re implemented correctly. LIke everything in our toolbox, there’s a time and place for their use.

But just because they can work, doesn’t mean they will work for your use case. A/B testing is the way to go here, once you’re comfortable that you’re implementing banner ads using best practices.

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Thank you so much for help! Useful tips in the article :+1:

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