Advice on my UX process and Workshops


My company want to redefine the product vision.I (designer) and the product manager will be in charge of this redefinition and we have in my mind to organize a couple of workshops with some teams members to generate ideas and get them in touch with user centrics approaches. Since i joined this company, we haven’t conduct any user search or haven’t done any ux process so it will be a new things for many people.

I will be very happy to have feedback on the ux process i have planned so i can improve it !!! :blush:


1. User segmentation

Who is our product for ?

Name all the people that use or may use the platform

  • Ask team to write on post-it : name + why they think that people is/might be interested in our product
  • Put in on the wall then group them together (by type or sector maybe ?)

What are their problematics and their gains ?

For each group: Name their curent problematics + Name their gains to use the product

  • Draw 2 columns for each group : Problematics / Gains
  • Ask team to write on post-it and place it in the canvas

2. Our competitors

Identify competitors

Name all our competitors (competitors that respond to the same problematics or have the same users)

  • Ask team to name competitors
  • Write it on whiteboard

Comparaison criteria

Define our comparaison criteria

  • Show some live references of the competitors
  • Ask team to Distinguish 2 products from one and why is it different ( Repeat it until to have enough attributs)
  • Write each attributs and their opposite on the board (“Easy to use” vs “Difficult to use” )
  • For each product: Ask team to write a score according of the pair of attribut.


I’m will make a synthesis, i will also try to get data from user segment (interview, studies, data analysis etc…)

#2 WORKSHOP - USER SEGMENT FOCUS (1 per segment)
Our product can apply to different sectors such as medias, politics or local government that why we will focus on one user segment at time and repeat this workshop.

First of all, i’ll show the team a synthesis of my research about this specific group of user: interviews, studies etc…Since we have client user (b2b) and end-user (b2c), i think it might be a good idea to allow a specific time for each :

1. Define users
a) Client user

Define Demographics, Needs, Goals, Motivation, Wants, Pain points …

I’m a not sure what is the best way to help the team define all thoses things, maybe i should just ask them to write on post-it and but and group it by “needs” “goals” etc…
I was thinking about doing to sentence completion like :

b) End-user

2. Typical use case

Determine most commun case

  • For each users determine before, ask the team to determine some typical use case :
    As a (Type of user) When i (situation), i want to (motivation) so i can (expected outcome)
    As (Type of user), in which situation would this product be most useful to me?
    To be defined…


At the end of all the segment workshop, i and the product manager will creat personas based on common or dominant charateristics. We’ll present the personas to the team, ask feebacks and adjust.

#3 WORKSHOP - CUSTOMER JOURNEY (Just me and the product manager)
The objective of this workshop will be to creat an empathy map and customer journey

I’ll follow this method for each personas : How to Run an Empathy & User Journey Mapping Workshop


Then i’ll make wireframe to illustrate design solutions to fit user needs etc… (to be defined)

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hi @imoopsy
welcome to the club :slight_smile:

I do love running workshops with the stakeholders, shareholders and when is possible with people!
IMO, your “agenda” looks great, my only concern is about the time and the effort you guys have at your disposal for running the sessions, collect all the findings and harmonize them in a friendly way in order to share with rest of the audience.

Despite that, my suggestion is to start having a look here: Search results for 'workshop' - UX Mastery Community
we have discussed already this topic and I am more than confident you will find interesting insights oiver there :slight_smile:

Good luck and keep us posted on this!

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Thanks for your answer !
I didn’t find much workshop ressource with your link, is there any where i can find detailed information that include detailed flow of an ux workshop ?