Advice on landing first ux job!

Hi! I just completed my portfolio, have been doing the daily ui design challenge, and wanted advice on how to get my first ux job! I’ve been looking on some job boards but I feel as if I’m missing something .

Hi @Brian_brown

I’ve done a couple of posts recently that might contain some helpful ideas:

Thank you for sharing that! Would you mind reviewing my portfolio for feedback??

Hey @Brian_brown! I found sending LinkedIn connections with a message got some pretty good responses. Especially looking for people who are part of the UX team (not the hiring manager). They’re usually willing to “talk shop” about the dynamic, what the team is like, and sometimes even offer to mention my name to their manager if we have a good conversation.

The other big piece I’ve heard makes resume-reviewers stop (in the good way) is putting numbers and results on your resume. The images of your work can show the things like “Redesigned UI” or “Updated to a modern design”. That can speak for itself with before + after screenshots.

For the words you write about the project, think about how you improved the UX, and how that in turn benefitted the business. If you’re starting out and short on examples, do some really basic user testing with friends and family. Even showing something like, “3/5 user tests had 80% task completion” is super eye catching. It gives some insight into your process and shows you’re doing more than just visual design. UX is about understanding the human experience of a design, which is really hard to do without asking any humans to experience it with you. =)