Advice on Embedded Interface Design



Hello! I will be starting a project soon for an embedded UI update on a free-standing dehumidifier that is getting a more robust display. It’s still very basic (128x64 bit white text on black screen with soft touch buttons below for controls) I am wondering if anyone here has experience with projects like this who might be able to share some advice. This product was designed by engineers and programmers so I’m pumped that I get to bring some design thinking and UX best practices into the mix. If anyone can share some sound tips that would be helpful!


hi @melissa_easker
I don’t have any experience in designing UI/UX for IOT.
I’m very interested in knowing more about such design tasks.

I do have some questions:

  • From the technical POV how it works?
  • Do u use a standard tool (eg sketch, illustrator) for the pixel-perfect?
  • What about the grid system, do u use % as the main reference?


@AshleaMcKay and @tollady have a background in industrial design and may have thoughts.


Thank you for the input. @dopamino to answer your questions. It’s a very basic screen and my role in this project does not really have much to do with the connectivity aspect, just the screen UI interface. Sorry I can’t give you more input on the technical stuff due to confidentiality. Every pixel is either on or off. No in-between. Here is a preview of the screen that is being used.

I started off using Sketch for this project but I’m learning that I will probably need to hand off designs in PSD using a pixel-fill method (like MS Paint) so I’ve modified the Photoshop pencil tool for that.

I actually have several concepts that I’d love to get a 5 sec preference test on for anyone who might be willing to take a peak. You can check them out here!


Come on that’s not fare, now I am curious, which board are you using there?


It is fair… people are often bound by confidentiality agreements that can’t be broken.


I know, am just curious, anyho… good luck with your stuff.