Advice on applying UX skills to real business situations


Hi Hawk.
Thank you for you asking. I took General Assembly Part time UX class 3 years ago. At that time I guess I was not ready to learn, so I was not able to fully grasp the whole UX process. Currently I am taking Beginex course, which has been much more helpful. And I am watching a lot of video on youtube, skillshare, and lynda, read many UX related article to build up my knowledge.
I think my biggest problem really is how to apply the UX skills on real business situation. As a graphic designer, I have minimal knowledge of how business really works, so when it comes to client facing or research stage, I have no idea what to ask or how to start. I think it comes from my lack of experience/ knowledge about business generally.

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This is an interesting challenge. Can you elaborate a little so we can work through it?

Do you feel that as a graphic designer your work is autonomous whereas UX work is a bit more collaborative or less siloed?


ATM, whoever solves a problem is UX Designer. It really doesn’t matter what ‘TITLE’ you have in corporate world.