Advice needed on transition from solo UX designer to working within a UX team

Hi everyone!

I’ve been working as a solo UX designer for one year in a design agency since graduating from a UX course at General Assembly.

Through this job, I’ve realised that in order to progress, I need to work with people who are more experienced than I am in this field.

Has anyone been through the same thing?
How can I move from this position?

I’d really appreciate some advice :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I think a lot of us have been through the same thing! It can be pretty lonely when you’re working solo. Have you looked into meetups in your area? Or something similar to start building up a professional network? Finding a mentor will also help but that can be easier said than done!

thank you for your reply. It’s nice to know I’m not alone!
I’ve looked at some meetups but didn’t have the time for a while due to a really intense project (and living outside London). Right now, I’m just listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading books to further my knowledge but I think meetups would be a good idea.
Is it hard to transition from a startup to a company with a team?

That very much depends on the company and the team! Any new job can be challenging. It can’t hurt to look around and see what’s available while you still have the security of a job. But I’d definitely look at other ways to fill that gap as well if you like your current employer. @joenatoli might also have other advice.

In terms of your ability to do the work? No. You can either do it or you can’t :wink:

The only thing that changes is the context you find yourself in — the people, the projects, the industries, the environment. All of which you can and will adapt to.

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