Advice needed for a contract role


I agree. I am thinking about a contextual inquiry and should I observe whatever the user is clicking instead? expectations from users,etc?


no, you need to find out what user needs are. You can have the best business needs in the world but if they don’t match to what the user wants then you have f*ck all.

Meet with your client again and figure out what your users are really trying to do.


ecommerce is a tricky one. Trust is such a major factor, people wont buy if they dont trust your site or your brand. In your interviews, try to hone in on this. Are there any alarm bells that would potentially stop them from buying?

Maybe it’s the delivery cost, bad product shots, or just the price is not right? There could be any number of reasons why they’re not buying and some of them wont even be UX related. Maybe the traffic is the wrong traffic? Go through the analytics with a fine tooth comb and understand their marketing fully so you have a better understanding of where their traffic is coming from and if the marketing matches with the website.


This is such a good point. As open to the user as we try to be, it is possible that we become so focused on what we are able to influence that it’s easy to forget that the user may be focused on something else.


good point, I don’t know a lot about marketing but what should I look for using google analytics? (in terms of marketing)


You can find out all sorts of things with cohort analysis, personas etc. If I were you I’d do some Googling and reading.


like what others have said, i think your main task is to understand your customer more. Find out why they’re not buying, what is stopping them, what their expectations are, what would make them buy etc. Is the site too slow? Is the site untrustworthy? Does the site tell the user the core USP straight away? Google analytics wont tell you this, interviews will. Once you find out the problems, then you can solve them.

But to supplement this, google analytics can give you a little more insight from a different angle. For an ecommerce site i would expect the google analytics to have goals/conversion setup. And also campaigns. You can use this info to understand where user traffic is coming from, where they’re landing, where theyre clicking. Speak to someone in marketing, or whoever setup the analytics to show you the ropes. Webmaster tools can tell you some of the search terms people use to land on your site so look at this too.

Have you got a screen recording software such as hotjar installed? Cos this can give you even more insight.