Advice needed for a contract role


I landed a contract role and the first thing they want is to redesign their homepage. First my question is if that is the right approach? To start from one page and not multiple pages? And how should I start? What I am thinking is first asking them what the problem is with the home page. Also thinking about a competitive analysis to see how other top competitors do their layout.


So much this.

But I agree that you need to back up and have a bigger conversation here. Is the contract for UX work or web design? Have they given you some kind of brief?



I didn’t get a brief. They gave me their brand guide and a persona as well it seems. They told me that they want the home page redesigned and want research backing it. That is what gave me the idea of competitor analysis as the research method since it seems to make the most sense. But yea it is both ux and web design but it seems like there is a persona I can work with. Will need to ask them if the persona is based on research or assumptions.


Ah, ok. That makes things a bit different then. I wouldn’t start with a competitor analysis. I’d ignore the competition and focus on your own audience. Research them…


Research them in terms of conducting interviews? Maybe through their social media?


It depends on your budget. You could try surveys or user interviews. More info here:


start with user needs. The clients persona is maybe a start but is probably biased to all hell with business requirements.

Research to get user needs could be desk based competitor stuff or Google Analytics (nice!) and depending on the market finding some prospective users to interview.

Once you have user needs can you begin to build some kind of homepage to hang things off. You’ll also have enough data to build an IA of some sort.


Like @HAWK said, might need to take a step back. Why just the homepage? What are the business goals? Who are the users and what do they need?

Research both with stakeholders and users. Homepages can be contentious, be careful. :slight_smile:


hey. the business goals is more than just the website correct? what should I be looking for when asking them about that?


Right. What is the purpose of the site? What should it achieve for the business?


I think you would want to know as much as you can about the business; their history, mission statement, etc. I’m writing a fictional business plan for one of my classes this semester. I’m amazed at how much information is in those. I believe, and don’t quote me, that the more you know, the better you’ll be able to do.


Yes, echoing what Piper said… Why the homepage? Why did they decide to redesign that page only? What do they hope the redesign will achieve?

Hope that helps!


Hey so I asked questions about the problem and company goals. The problem is that they aren’t making sales on their eCommerce website, they see a big drop at the home page. So it seems most ignore the home page itself. And it isn’t the homepage only to be redesigned, this one was assigned to me but there are other designers working on other pages. I let them know about metrics and how will we measure success and it was if we see an increase in sales. Although I think I should be specific in how much correct? Also I told them if we could bring in users for research and they seemed fine with it. Did I do everything correct or missed some things? Let me know so I can bring it up next time. Or do you think I should do user testing with the current home page instead? My thinking is since there is a drop off at the home page I can do interviews to find out why. Either that or user testing, what do you guys think?