Advice for Building an Internal UX Hub for my Company


My company is just starting to get into UX; I completed our first usability testing a few weeks ago! I’d like to create a UX hub for my company as a way to share our findings, our testing schedules, and general UX information (to evangelize). I’m using Sharepoint. Anyone have ideas for content or tips if you maintain something similar?


Just create a wiki.

We actually use Discourse (this product) in my organisation because we dogfood it. You can create Knowledge Base categories and wiki posts.

Unfortunately I would say SharePoint is one of the worst platforms to use for this as content is very siloed. A wiki works great. However, the important thing is something that is easily accessible and easy to use. You want something that supports various media and cross linking. Airtable might work… There are a ton of platforms out there to try. You just have to see what works for your organization. Maybe Notion?

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Would anyone know of free UX hubs I could trial for my organisation ? The organisation is a National Chinese importer and owns two TESOL colleges.

Many thanks

I don’t know of any off the shelf UX hubs. You just pick a tool and make it a UX hub. You could check out MediaWiki.

Great ideas all, thank you!