Adobe XD- Should I use an Ipad Pro, a Mac or PC

Greetings, we are new to UX having been developing video games for decades (Yeah, really). We want to prototype a new app using Adobe XD. I’m sure we will find our way around it with a bit of community help, but we are not sure what kit to use. We are most familiar with PCs, but we want an efficient system that will allow us to preview the app actually on a phone. We don’t care if our output is demonstrated on Android or iPhone. Any guidance gratefully received. We don’t want to screw-up before we even get started.

XD works well on PC and can output to Android and iPhone. We use it on PC with no problems and can share files between PC and Mac.

Axure ( is also good for prototyping on the PC. XD is mainly a design tool and only does very basic prototyping. Axure can do much more complex interactions, but therefore has a steeper learning curve when you’re starting out.


Michael, thanks a lot for your help. I think we’ll stick with PC’s, and thanks to your guidance we are investigating Axure.