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Hello, I recently tried to apply for a Junior UX designer job, sadly the agency never got back in touch, however it has confirmed my passion in the sector. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a Industry Recognised Qualification, there are quite a few around, which might help me progress further up the application process? (I’m based in the UK)


Hi Alex,
I’m not sure I understand what you mean by accredited, and if that’s the same as industry recognised.

Bootcamps are certainly the latter, and we have a few topics along those lines. Here is a good example. General Assembly have a lot of options.

@jacquidow is in the UK and can probably give you a better idea of what is well known/respected in your part of the world as far as quals go.

If you want to do a degree, we have a good list of what’s available here.


Yes Hawk, that’s what I meant industry recognised.


Ok, cool. I’d be keen to hear from @jdebari and @laura on this.


Hi @anrwillis,

I am not sure about in the UK, but in the US it depends upon your location. Right now, General Assembly is well recognized but is getting some flak for being “a factory” for UX Designers and oversaturating the market with people not well prepared for UX jobs (at least in Silicon Valley). There are other bootcamps, such as Designation in Chicago and in Boston, MA. I teach at one in San Francisco, CA, but it is still fairly new. You might want to check out an online program such as Springboard or

Hope that helps!


Hi there,

I’ve completed this course last year, its an accredited BSc Honors degree programme. Its broader than just UX, however you pick a stream, and one of those is largely based on UX and development.
The couse is entirely online based and designed for people working full time.

Might interest you.


@paddy many thanks


@paddy doesn’t look like the link works… oops


Works ok from here!


Try this one.


Hi, sorry for the delay, have only just spotted this :slight_smile:

When we were recruiting we didn’t really look at qualifications, I was looking for someone who was very passionate about user experience, and design in general, and had an attitude for learning. I don’t know if this is the norm though. If you can talk the talk and show a good portfolio I’d say that will go a lot further than a qualification.

Sorry I can’t be more help!