Accountants for Freelancers in Melbourne

Hi all,

I’ve only recently moved to Melbourne and (due to Viosa status etc.) it took me a couple of months to settle in.

Now I’ve fully arrived and I’m looking for an accountant to help me set up me freelance business (It’s currently still more content than UX but I’m hoping to maje the move across very soon). I’m still working for a UK company, but as a freelancer. And I’ll hopefully add more experience/clients soon here.

So my question would be: Does anyone have experience with any accountants in the Melbourne area (more on the Northern side of the city if possible at all) who could help me set up my business?

Any advice would be highly appreciated! :slight_smile:

And also, hello everyone, I’m so glad I’ve found this. This is a great place!



Calling @Lukcha and @mattymcg

Great to have you here as part of the community, and welcome to Melbourne too. :slight_smile:

I can heartily recommend two solid accountants:

  • Andrew Loucas (Brunswick - 0412 364 072) who has helped me set up a few businesses over the years. I’m not sure if he’s still practicing public accountancy tho.
  • Also; Rohan Dyson. He’s a partner at Vaughan Storer (Mill Park - He’s been a great support in a range of matters.
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Wicked! I appreciate the help! :bouquet:

I’ll get in touch with both and see where it takes me from there!