Above the fold? Yes or no?



The first discussion on the table for our November theme is a contentious one if Twitter is anything to go by.

Susan says “Put the most important information (or things you want people to focus on) in the top third of the screen or in the middle.”

But is above the fold a myth that should stay in the '90s where it belongs?

What are your thoughts?

Help! I need your ideas / questions / thoughts

Pops popcorn, puts on boxing gloves, then realizes he can’t eat popcorn with boxing gloves on and rethinks his life decisions.

I’m a big believer that you only get one chance to make a first impression. While the argument that “everbody scrolls” can be heard loud and clear, the fact remains that a new user will judge your site by its first impression. For that reason, it may not be the most important information that you present above the fold, but the most impactful user experience.

Whatever your product or service might be, it should be immediately visible and clear who you are, both from a factual and visual perspective, and what you can do you for your visitor.


Personally, I’m not a fan of scrolling. I tend to work on small screens (I have the small MacBook Air and I use my phone a lot) so I have to scroll and I hate it.

It’s not even just for information. Whenever I go to sign in to my school website, I have to scroll down just to log in. It’s a big page with a lot of empty space on it. Maybe they’re going for minimalism, but I find it a waste.

That being said, I imagine it’s hard to jam everything you consider important high on the page.

I suppose it comes down to doing what makes sense for your page rather than blindly following some “rule”.

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No need to steal it, I made enough for everyone :slight_smile:

Very wise words.