A wierd cautionary tale about online bootcamp


I am just going to post the link without comment



I’m thinking that a legitimate start-up school would understand that you’re wary of giving thousands of dollars to someone unknown and accept payment per day or week, or maybe the use of an established escrow service.


You’d hope so. Good lesson though.


“before you learn to program, here’s a valuable life lesson”

It happened to me once while trying to rent a room over significantly less money. There was a website dedicated to tracking the perpetrator, but he seems to have fallen off their radar : (

sad though, that’s a lot of money.


Thats awful. I suppose in the world we live in though you’d have to expect 1 out of every 100 boot camps or MOOCs to be the rotten egg.

When I did my FEWD course with Thinkful, i researched the crap out of it for a couple months…

Hopefully things like this can be prevented in the future.