A ridiculous birthday celebration! Join the fun and win


SURPRISE! :tada:

To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’ve decided to have a treasure hunt of sorts.
I say “of sorts” because you’re be creating the treasure, in the form of laughs.

Because birthdays are all about presents, we have a prize package that will keep you busy for months!
We’re giving all the books in our library, plus one Rosenfeld Media and one SitePoint book of your choice.

Carry out these tasks to be in to win:

  • Start a new topic that gets at least two replies
  • Make us a happy birthday meme and post it here
  • Tell your UX story (if you haven’t already)
  • Message someone you’ve never spoken to before and say hi

And for over achievers (and a guaranteed spot prize)

You have until 26 August to complete these tasks. Once you’ve finished, post in this topic for validation.

Go go go!

Happy birthday to us! The winner announced

How new does the topic have to be?


Any time from when I posted the OP (so any time after 10 August)


You guys are breakin’ our hearts here!


I think I have done all of the above :slight_smile:


You have Jacqui! Right now you’re all set to run away with the prize if no one else steps up!
You’re going to have books coming out your ears!


I should be in there too I think. I have posted a few topics recently, posted a UX story a few months ago and made a special meme with a birthday cake.


Ah I haven’t PMed anybody. I missed that bit 4 times


I’ve done everything now, too! :grinning: