A quick discussion about researchers

I’m creating this topic to pull a discussion out of the intros topic and continue it here.

You should talk to @treyroady (and join our @Researchers group)

And welcome. :slight_smile:

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Hello from a fellow social psychologist (social cognition–person perception, memory, and stigma–and occupational health) who knows exactly what you’re going through.


Hi Jade,

Are you currently working in UXdesign/research, or are you trying to make the move? It would be great to have some post-ac / alt-ac allies :slight_smile:

Hi @HAWK - I joined the researchers group, but I’m not really sure how ‘groups’ work- do they have their own forums? Or, if I have a research related question do I alert other researchers to it using the @researchers label? And thanks for pointing me towards @treyroady- really interesting stuff he’s working on.

Yes, this. We don’t have any hidden content accessible to specific groups here so it is really a way that we can easily tag related people into relevant discussions and also so that you can go to this page to see others with related interests in case you want to network.

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