A new start

Hi folks! I’m Kevin. I’ve never been into anything as much as I’m into UX. I love the process, I love the creativity, I love the thought of helping people, and I love the thought of potentially making the world a less frustrating place to navigate.

So I just managed to nab myself a job at an multinational company where I’ll be the sole UX designer. They seem really cool and they understand that I’m at the beginning of my career. Cool, right? The problem is that I have zero real-world experience with UX design. I have a masters degree in Interaction Design - which really covered the majority of principles/techniques/processes of UX so it’s not as if I’m going in without a clue, but it’s a daunting prospect.

I’ve been re-reading books on UX strategy, mental models, as well as brushing up one best practices for deliverable like personas, user journeys, and wireframes, but I still feel the claws of imposter syndrome on my back.

I think I could really use a mentor or two, some people to bounce ideas off and get advice from. I’m very eager to learn and improve and I want to start this new position with my best foot forward, so if you have any advice or wisdom or literally anything that will ease my mind, I’d LOVE to hear from you.

Thanks so much and I hope this will help anyone in a similar position.

That is bloody exciting! How awesome. Go you.

Mentors are very hard to come by these days, unfortunately! We can certainly support you via this channel as much as we can.

What’s the biggest challenge right now?

(And where are you based?)