A genuine certification in UX design

Hi I would like to get a certification in x design you could tell if the certification below is internationally recognized by any company?

I know when this area matters more experience but I have a portfolio with five works more precisely with five and interfaces, and you think that for starters this is a good starting point but I also need a certification in UX design and I would really like to ask you if It is worth making these courses from the Community Interaction Design Foundation.
Thank you and I expect news!

Hi Andre,
I’m not sure whether the course is internationally recognised but I do know that IDF are an excellent organisation so this is a good choice of study option.

IDF is good option but check this too Certification of UX Training Achievement with Nielsen Norman Group

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Companies don’t really care about certs. Job experience is more important. With that said, I found IDF too academic and dry. Nielsen Norman and IDEO are much better options if you really want to get some training with certs.

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Companies don’t really care about certs.

At least for Germany, for my last 25 years active working, i unfortunatly have to disagree. It is not about what you can (experience and skill), but who you are (titles and certs). ¯\(º_o)/¯


Recently, after serveral years in UUX, i made my CPUX-F certification from UXQB (International Usability and UX Qualifikation Board).

I would recommend it, but currently also have no comparison to other certs.

Also i don’t know how popular UXQB outside of europe is.

Ah interesting. I’m in New York City. Here they are big on years of experience and name dropping.

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In UK no one has shown interest in my NNG cert since my first job after it, experience and what you can show seems to be more important.

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