A future career in ux design

Hello,i am andrei pacala and i am from Romania.I wish,to learn ux design.i have questions,for those who have been working for years in the field 1.)How important is a university degree?
2.)If I did a faculty from a small town in Romania, there is a problem, the curriculum vittae evaluator usually selects according to the is the faculty well known and good, or does it matter to write any faculty and do all the projects or internships do?
Thank you all anticipated and expect, different opinions from your experience!

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Hey there,
I’d recommend watching this: https://uxmastery.com/transcript-a-practical-approach-to-getting-a-ux-education/

It will give you some good direction.

But TL;DR a degree is great but it is certainly not a necessity. Experience trumps education every time.

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Hello there Andrei!

Few weeks ago I had a talk about this with a consultant on my job. There are different points of view here. The positive thing about a degree is that is proves that you spend time to learn it (still doesn’t tell how good you are).

But the thing what I like about a degree is that you spend time on the subject, so you have to think about it every day. You’re obligated to do this, so there is less motivation needed from yourself. Besides that you get time to network with class mates and teachers which might help you to increase your skills.

But … during the time you get your degree you also spend time on things you don’t want to learn and that’s a waste of time. For self learning you need more motivation I think, but is also more rewarding.

What I would do to start by analyze some flows and write down what is good and bad about them. As follow up create personas for these flows, create the best possible flowcharts for them and design the screens that are needed for the process. It’s a little taste of everything!

If you need any feedback or help, don’t hesitate to write me a PM.