7 reasons you should come to UX Australia 2016


Charge your tech and get your sketchpads ready. It’s almost time for UX Australia, one of our favourite events on the calendar. We can’t wait to spend four days with UXers from around the country talking about everything UX - from the tiny details to the big picture. <br />
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It’s going to be great! I don’t get to travel very far this year, but I’ll enjoy welcoming people to my home city. =)


Wow. Every single person on that speaker list is amazing!

I saw Steve Hillenius speak earlier this year and he blew my mind.


Do you know if you can attend any of it virtually? A trip from the UK isn’t feasible at the moment :cry:


Not that I know of, but let’s ask the people that know the stuff @maadonna @ronsman




No - there’s no virtual option. It’s very much an IRL experience :slight_smile:

Slides and audio from previous years are available on the website if you’re just after content.


Anyone want to pay for my plane ticket? :wink:


Mine too :grin:


Neither is one from the US. This makes me sad.


Maybe someone will offer to pay for 3 tickets over there :grin:


If anyone here works in the airline industry, perhaps they have friends in high places…:laughing:


I won’t be at the main conference this year…

BUT I’ve been invited to speak at the UX Mega Meetup on the Tuesday night!! :grinning: