3rd party usability testing companies

Hi everyone!

I’m searching for a research partner to conduct a usability testing for our IoT enabled home appliances. Might be a bit far fetched but maybe someone on the forum has had some experiences with 3rd party testing partners. We’re thinking of conducting the test in Germany but somewhere close could also work :slight_smile:

Any ideas? Thanks!


Hey Berk,
Interesting question. I’ve changed your post title slightly because I think people might be more likely to take a look if it’s not regional. Hope that’s ok with you. :slight_smile:

I’ll put out a tweet as well, to try and get more eyes on the page.

Thanks a lot Sarah and no problem about the title :slight_smile: The more the better for everyone…

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Everyone’s looking (~60 people) but I guess it’s a bit niche. Let’s cross our fingers.