3 biggest usability pitfalls of the website

Hello family,

How do you think what are the biggest usability pitfalls of this Spanish gob. website: (agenciatributaria.es/)? It is something I never seen before…



Usability in what sense?

There’s a lot of information on the page. Very overwhelming, in my opinion. I know that cultures differ in the amount of information they prefer to be shown (IE: Western websites VS Japanese websites).

I also had to look at the English translated website, and noticed that only the main page was translated. As far as usability goes, if you offer alternate languages, it’s probably smart to have them fully supported.

Navigation is also interesting, two levels, and a page load to get anywhere, but I also understand that they’re presenting a lot of information.

The best idea is to ask users of the website, or use something like hotjar to track where people are getting hung up. If they start a process and don’t finish it, for instance, tells you that there’s a usability problem there.

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Website is not opening, I think it has closed!