2016 Retrospective – what are you most proud of?


We’re fast approaching the end of the year and I thought it might be nice to celebrate our achievements and/or successes for the year.

What happened this year that you are the most proud of?


Finally getting a formal diagnosis (of ASD) and giving my first keynote on International Day of People with Disability. Not directly UX related I know, but it’s the very core of my identity and affects EVERYTHING I do.


That’s awesome Ash – definitely something to be proud of.

(This definitely doesn’t have to be UX related.)


Landed a Junior UX role with awesome mentors at a fantastic agency in Melbourne in July.

As a first job in the workforce I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the awesome tight-knit UX community and industry down here.


That’s awesome Rob. Nice work!


Inside my career, it has to be getting setup in my first UX-focused job (I’ve done UX before, but always with other pieces like Project Management or development mixed in). My company is great, I love my job, and things couldn’t be going better.

Outside my career, my wife and I are expecting baby #1, due sometime in May. I’m super excited to be a dad, and we find out whether it’s a boy or girl two weeks from today!


It’s been a pretty eventful year! I actually wrote a blog post about some of the stuff I got up to… http://deanbirkett.name/articles/year-end/


I finished my UX 400+ hour course… But it’s been much more of a struggle to find that first job than I expected… so that’s been disappointing. BUT, I’m really proud of my UX blog. I think it’s funny, well written and shows the humorous side of UX. I’m glad to be part of this community, thank you for all the support! https://medium.com/@everythingprincess


Finding this community!

Huge + to my year thats for sure. Also getting started in UX learning in general has given me a boost to make 2017 the year I obtain a job!

Going forward I want to help the UX community become as holistic and supportive as the Web Dev community. Supporting the learning of UX and the obtaining of UX jobs is always something anyone can do by giving some detailed information for the next person in line to start their journey.


I successfully switched careers from doing front-end web development for over ten years to UX. Landed my first UX job last month at a well-known e-commerce company in NYC. Didn’t take much of a pay cut either. I feel both lucky and grateful.


Yay to that!

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