1 minute question on 3 buttons readability

Here is a banking mobile app.

Do you think the bottom navigation buttons are understandable enough or should I add text labels? And, by the way, what is their meaning from your point of view?

Create a new folder
Change to grid view
Call someone

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I would add text labels as that is best practice.

The icons look to me like:
Your wallet, but I don’t know what that means.
Contact someone via phone


I am not sure about the icon which is in the center. I am confused about that. Rest of icons make sense.

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I would also add labels. I believe sometimes we omit them in favor of aesthetics but probably we shouldn’t. The Lord knows I do this plenty. Lol

My take, without any context:

  1. Available balance
  2. Show grid/cards/modules
  3. Call for help

Also, remember that specific colors evoke specific emotions. I do like that color but financial institutions tend to go with blue for a reason. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Please keep it up!


I would use text label, no doubt, it will remove ambiguity and also, because is the main navigation, it should be immediately recognisable.

What I think they mean:

  1. Accounts
  2. More options (?)
  3. Call to client support
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Hi guy, I am sorry for my late reply, the deadlines come very unexpectedly sometimes :crazy_face:
Thank you so much for your answers!

@HAWK that’s very interesting! Could you please share an example of an awesome banking app in your country?

@jdebari @gaflores @gualteramaro I did a test with labels, but the labels turned out to be more confusing than the icons with no labels. The case is that the wallet button leads to the screen with credit cards, accounts, deposits, and credits, and there is no neat term to describe it all in my language. I tried: wallet, accounts, finances, but they only added to the confusion. While removing labels showed better results.

But after some consideration, I think that the problem with naming could mean the problem with context. Maybe I should change the whole hierarchy…

Do you have a sitemap you could share?

@jdebari please, take a look https://mm.tt/1301378420?t=U4jiRiwVbW


I would split up the My Finances section. Have Accounts and possibly a Home. The Home can have credits and debits and be like a dashboard. Accounts can have credit cards, checking and savings accounts and their associated actions.

Bank services seems a bit confusing to me. What is History? How is Money Transfer different than in accounts? Why are Utility payments called out separately?

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the analysis! Ex-USSR countries traditionally have quite specific use cases in using bank products that are very different from those in Europe, USA, NZ, etc.

For example, we do not have credits/debits separation, users (except accountants) do not know what debit means. An Account means checking account and a card is not considered to be an account, but rather a separate bank product.

Money Transfer in Services is an instant transfer between any cards (can be issued by other banks), while Money Transfer in a card is an instant transfer from that specific card.

Utility Payments is a special bank service aimed to make a tricky procedure of paying utility bills more manageable.

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Thanks for explaining. Can you at least separate Cards and Accounts? I think that might be clearer. Have 4 nav items. What about Profile too?

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